Nick here! I suppose this is the place I should write a thing or two about myself and what I do. Well, I write songs. Make music. Perform said music. Compose for film. I'm working on a set of still-developing culinary skills. I also kind of spend an inordinate amount of time thinking of puns (Phil Dunphey is a bit of a hero of mine).

I started playing music and guitar after I saw School of Rock with Jack Black. So, I gotta say, I owe a lot to the man. But it opened up a world that’s only gotten deeper and richer the further I’ve traveled in. I’ve found some tunes along the way. Some folks have said they like them. So my hope is to continue finding and writing those songs, something I really love to do. And I hope if they find their way to you, that you enjoy them too. Shoot me a line sometime if you do.

Thanks for dropping by here on your daily internet stroll, amidst all the cute cat videos, Netflix binging, random actor IMDB searches, BuzzFeed Top 10 Lists, etc., etc. Among all those web wonders, I have a few other outlets where I post more music, videos, pictures, show dates, thoughts, and (if I do say so myself) brilliant aforementioned puns. (You can find links to them on this page)

Hope you have a swell day, enjoy the sounds here, and maybe see you at a show someday.